South Sioux Falls
Serving the Children of the World
In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
Board of Directors
Woltjer, Carol
Community Service
Herrboldt, Al
Implement projects on the arts, business affairs, citizenship, civic improvement, community beautification, health, literacy, public affairs, assistance for senior citizens & disabled persons.
Financial/Audit Review
Roberts, Bill
Priebe, Jeff
Review end of year financial records.
McGuire, Jean
Research additional fund raising sponsorship opportunities for out annual Roast Beef Dinner.
Human & Spiritual Values
Howard, LeeDel
Woltjer, Carol
Implement projects that support spiritual development provide companionship and comfort, or offer counseling and guidance. Projects can encourage interfaith and interdenominational religious activity, but should not support a specific religious sect.
Membership Growth & Education
Daugherty, Bill
to increase membership according to the standards provided in the bylaws. The committee should consider all membership applications. The committee should develop an effective orientation and introduction ceremony for new members & promote regular attendance.
Public Relations/Kiwanigram
Howard, LeeDel
Inform news services & the community about annual funding raising activities, organized events, and important Kiwanis news.
Publicity In charge of notifying newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations of upcoming events.
Roast Beef Dinner Fundraiser
Herrboldt, Al
The proceeds from the Dinner are used to support service projects in our community with an emphasis on those serving the Youth.
Social Networking and Website Development
Daugherty, Arlyce
Coscioni, Anelis
Nash, Gail
Develop the web site and a program to transition from the "paper" Kiwanigram to the electronic form. Develop a Facebook page
Y.E.S. Reading Coordinator
Lewis, John
Schedules weekly readers for the Y.E.S. two daycare classes
Young Children Priority One
Lewis, John
This committee will develop and carry out projects of the club to address the needs of young children prenatal through age five.