South Sioux Falls
Serving the Children of the World
Our club is proud to sponsor and be involved with many community service and fundraising activities. Below you will find a listing of the upcoming events.

Date Type Title
12/13/2017 Event

Board Meeting

12/14/2017 Meeting
12/19/2017 Event

Weekly donation of books which are read to two the Y.E.S. Pre-School Classes.

12/28/2017 Meeting
01/04/2018 Meeting
01/11/2018 Meeting
01/18/2018 Meeting
01/25/2018 Meeting
02/01/2018 Meeting
02/08/2018 Meeting
02/15/2018 Meeting
02/22/2018 Meeting
03/01/2018 Meeting
03/07/2018 Event

Bussing tables at the West 41st Street Pizza Ranch to raise funds for projects.

03/08/2018 Meeting