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Blue Level Status

January 10, 2018
Feeding South Dakota
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And this was taking after some volunteers left! :)

Crayons donation
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Each Spring, after the end of the school year, we collect crayons from schools.
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Garage sale
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South Sioux Falls Kiwanians garage sale to raise funds for Eliminate

Christmas gifts
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Our club filled 36 Christmas Shoe Boxes for our MnDak District Service
Project. ...



                    Would you like to be a South Sioux Kiwanis member? 

    We have meetings every Thursday from 12 to 1p.m. at the Royal Fork Restaurant (4610 West Empire Place Sioux Falls, SD 57106). Our meetings are fun and we run regular business and a program. Our speakers are from a wide range of areas and they give you opportunity to learn new things from our community. You have also a chance to ask questions in a very friendly environment.

    A lot of what we do is VOLUNTEER WORK. Our club spends several hours every month on service projects. Please refer to the first page under projects for a listing of the projects we complete every year.

    Once a year we have a BIG fundraiser - it is our Roast Beef Dinner. Members are invited to volunteer in all parts of it and have fun!  All money raised will be distributed within the community. 

    In addition with our annual Roast Beef Dinner, we will be hosting another annual fundraiser starting in 2011.  This fundraiser by Kiwanis International in parternership with UNICEF is to help Eliminate Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus around the globe.  All money raised will be sent to the Kiwanis International Foundation - Eliminate Progect. 

    April 7th 2011 our newest member – The South Sioux Kiwanis Teddy Bear Mascot-  joined our club. He/she will be our ally on attending volunteer service projects and to provide outreach to children and their needs. 

   To join our club you must be sponsored by a club member and submit an application.  Once the application has been submitted the Board of Directors will approve you for membership.  You will then be inducted into Kiwanis International at one of our club meetings. Also there is an annual fee and we have that prorated for the month you join. 

  Our year starts on October 1st. Annual dues are payable each October.  They are set by the Board of Directors annually.  Currently annual dues are $110.00.  Of that amount; $52 goes to Kiwanis International, $13.00 covers liability insurance, $4.00 Officers and Directors Insurance, $8.00 provides for the Kiwanis Magazine, $30 goes to the District and $3.00 stays with the club.  Beginning in April of 2010, Kiwanis International developed a plan whereby dues were prorated on a monthly basis.

    We will LOVE to have you! The greater number of Kiwanians there are, the more service we can provide to the children.

Contact TODAY our President: John Roth/

                                 Come MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY!